A “Runny” Nose Tutorial

A constant running nose and cough can be physically taxing. Over time, the most common reason for this challenge is a food item you are passionate about. Corn is a common irritant. Did you know corn has protein? If you have poor digestion, this is a common scenario:

– Large particles of undigested proteins that have not been processed by adequate digestive fluids move through the digestive system.

– These particles leave the lower intestine and are picked up by the lymph or blood system.

– Your body considers them foreign invaders and sends white blood cells to “attack”.

– This physiology results in a bit of an endorphin or ‘feel good’ rush. Your body will do what it can to prevent a constant bombardment by creating fluid.

– This fluid dilutes the toxins. The excess fluid is your runny nose.

Did you process all that? We have a blood spot test available you can complete which helps me determine exactly what you are eating. I have also had awesome results using spinal correction in the upper neck area and mid-back region on patients who had chronic allergies The mid-back has a healing effect on your stomach and other digestive tissues.

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