A Sticky Situation

You are not only what you eat, but also what you absorb and assimilate. I encourage our patients and worldwide clients to eat whole food. Remember that food should be your medicine and medicine is your food.

The question is: What happens in the colon? Do you know that gluten (common in wheat, rye, and oats) may be interfering with your absorption and even creating adrenal gland fatigue? I know this because we can assess your adrenal health and the impact on gluten has on your health via a saliva test. I do not encourage wheat products. I know so many are proud of the fact they stay away from white bread and focus on wheat bread. I also read popular magazines that incorrectly suggest wheat bread as a healthy alternative. Modern wheat is often from genetically modified seeds, which tend to have more gluten. The issue with gluten is the fact it actually ‘glues’ the small finger-like projections in your colon together so you have impaired absorption of critically important vitamins and minerals from food that is already overly processed.

Do you have challenges with wheat, oat, and/or rye products?

You may not have thought about what you’re eating, especially wheat, as an issue. Gluten is hidden in many foods. I talked with a patient who had a portion of their intestines removed because of digestive distress-nobody ever suggested wheat could have been causing it. I have also discovered a deficiency of essential fatty acids (EFA) can precipitate gluten challenges. I would encourage you to avoid gluten-based items if you have digestive distress. Do it for one month, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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