An Iodine Catch-22

I consider myself to have extensive iodine knowledge, and through my research, I have discovered just how significant iodine is for overall health. Every cell in your body requires iodine; unfortunately, we are almost in a real catch-22. You see:

– We do not get enough iodine in our diet; fish and sea vegetables

– Bromine, fluorine, and chlorine are antagonistic to whatever iodine we take in

This is serious! An iodine deficiency can result in cancer. Adequate levels of iodine keep estrogen in check. Statistically, the most common finding in female breast cancer is elevated estrogen. Estrogen is processed in the liver. When the liver has more estrogen that it can metabolize, there’s potential to have cancer proliferation. Iodine is needed for optimal thyroid function, without enough iodine you have the potential to have a subpar functioning thyroid, with the potential for constipation to occur. Constipation creates liver stress.

Can you see the big picture?

I want you to start people watching (not in a weird way). Watch for bowed legs. People with bowed legs (more common in men), is a body signal of major calcium absorption and consumption issues. I am not sure if the off-colored teeth are a result of this, but fluorosis (excessive fluorine exposure), is a “mottled” look to teeth. I really see it more in teens and patients that drink soda.

I do not encourage fluorine. I have patients and family members that do not have fluoride treatments, nor do they drink “tap” water and guess what? No cavities and no fluorosis of their teeth.

Do you know what fluorine does? Fluorine is antagonistic to iodine. You need iodine for every cell in your body. Iodine deficiencies are very common today, and why nearly one-third of the world has a subpar thyroid gland. Do you know what else takes iodine out of the body? Chlorine and bromine.

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