Are Colds Caused By Stress?

Colds increase when someone is under stress! Why? I found the leading cause of “catching a cold” is lack of calcium. Guess what? Sugar and stress deplete the body of calcium.

People who are stressed have a low pH, meaning their body requires an alkalizing agent, hence calcium. Calcium is found in your bones. If you are stressed, you have the potential to have osteoporosis, leading to leg cramps at night, poison ivy and cold sores.

Colds and flu are occurring at an accelerated rate today because people are under stress from financial decisions, personal challenges, and aging parents. I would strongly encourage you to avoid refined foods and add Celtic Sea Salt. If you want to help your immune system, add five drops of Licorice Root daily. Licorice is the universal energy creator-your battery charger.

I also encourage our patients to take calcium daily. Calcium acts as glue that holds cell membranes together. Lack of calcium levels is common today because there are so many with vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D pulls calcium from the intestines. Vitamin F transports the calcium from the intestines and carries it to the tissues. I have noticed in Hair Analysis assessments there is a literal epidemic of patients who have more calcium in their hair than in their tissues. How many of the ladies reading have white/gray hair?

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