Are Prescription Medications Worth The Risk?

When was the last time you took a medication? Did you take a painkiller or an antibiotic? Are you aware that medications have unpleasant effects, some of which are so serious they can result in death? Many years ago, there was a brilliant young college student that needed money so she signed up to be a “guinea pig” for the Lilly Pharmaceutical Company. She was on a med that they were testing for cross marketing; it was designed for a bladder issues, but was also relieving some ladies who had depression. From what I understand, the young student become a part of the study; she had a reaction to the medication and actually took her life while being a part of the experiment. Do you ever think of yourself as a literal “guinea pig” when you take a medication?

Medications of all types, over-the-counter and those recommended by your concerned health care provider have effects. Drugs work by managing your symptoms; they do not get to the cause of your problem. Statin drugs work by tricking the liver into altering the physiology and processing of cholesterol that is supposed to be used for pain and sex hormone precursors; one of the side effects of statins is the inability to arrive at an erection! Do you know that if you are taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol, you are supposed to have your liver enzymes tested? The liver is busy at work trying to save your life! I would suggest you might want to look at my “Trans Fat Survival Guide” and learn what you can do to lower your cholesterol without any medications.

A very common OTC medication, as you more than like are aware of, is aspirin. Aspirin appears to be quite simple and very helpful. Do you know that you can have an ulcer, lower GI distress, and impaired fracture healing because of aspirins? Do you know it’s quite possible that the “aspirin a day” protocol may be causing your osteoporosis? Aspirin works by tricking the normal fat metabolism of a “fat like” hormone substance in the body called PG2. We have a product called Bio-Allay from Biotics Research that is a pain reliever that does not have the negative effects aspirin does. I also suggest that you take Biomega-3 Liquid; it’s great for relieving and preventing pain. I take two teaspoons everyday.

One of the worst drug families to get involved with are medications that alter digestion and “relieve” the pain of digestive distress. Do you know that most digestive distress is related to a lack of enzymes that are critically needed for proper digestion? If you are on any type of digestive drug, you would do best to start taking one Hydro-Zyme in the middle of your meal to support your digestive juices. The drugs used to “sop” up the acids in your stomach literally paralyze the cells that normally make the digestive acids. You will never get off those drugs unless you are really serious and coached by a sharp consultant.

If you are contemplating taking any type of medication, you should first change what you are doing every day. Are you eating sweets that paralyze your immune system, causing you to need an antibiotic? Are you eating too many French fries that will raise your cholesterol? Are you drinking enough water? Water alone helps to lower your blood pressure and will help with colon function.

Are you depressed? The depressed patients that I see tend to have subpar or low thyroid function. We help the thyroid get back on track with the iodine and a few other nutrients determined by blood tests. An area that concerns me regarding antidepressants are the 50 million Americans currently taking antidepressants. Make sure you are taking a good quality fish oil, such as Biomega-3. Taking the right oils will assist your body function optimally.

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