Are You 1 In 86 million That Has Pain?

Eighty-six million Americans have consistent pain! One of the most common syndromes that people experience, especially women, is fibromyalgia. I have discovered over time, through listening to the radio, TV, and even Facebook advertising, fibromyalgia is extremely common and is Big Business.

Have you ever listened to a fibromyalgia advertisement? I mentioned Facebook because I have gone to their site (National Fibromyalgia Association) and made a few comments about what I discovered is the leading cause of their pain. I was so amazed by all the negative feedback. I was directing them to my website to watch my education videos and mentioned my hormone book because it would help (imagine that), and was told to stop commenting on their site. Some of you reading this right now can have extreme pain syndromes. I can tell you three things:

– If you eat sugar you will have pain
– If you are low in vitamin D you will have pain
– If you eat trans fat you will have pain

Don’t get mad at me. I am not asking you to purchase my books or watch my videos. Simply, if you are dabbling in those areas, your pain will not go away. The last thing you want to do is take a prescription drug. I have information here for you- this is one of the common medications called Lyrica- if you ever listened to the advertisements for it, I think you would be better off to stay in pain. The side effects are disgraceful.

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