Are You Low-Fat Diets Making You SAD?

I am constantly asked, “Dr. Bob, what do I take for _________________?” I politely navigate the answer to include; “it is not so much what you take, but what you consistently eat.” The low-fat diet mindset is a leading factor for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which has been a nemesis to the American state of health.

A recovery plan for SAD is not not quite as simple as you may think. Many unanswered conditions today can be rooted deeply in patterns that serve the food industry, more than the consumer. The food companies use inexpensive oils, like trans fat or partially hydrogenated oil, which has a long shelf life. They also erroneously label their packaging with “no fat” in their Nutrition Facts, and that has wreaked havoc to the cell membranes of our very sensitive nervous system tissues.

Ladies who are already concerned about their weight, avoid fat in foods with a phobia and seek the low-fat versions believing they are promoting optimal health. In actuality,they are creating altered fat metabolism, including fat metabolism in the brain. In another post, I have touched on the fact sunlight is projected to the retina or the back of the eye, causing the natural light waves to trigger a reaction in the pineal gland of the brain. Pineal gland stimulation is one of many reasons animals and birds migrate, which also has to do with the position of the sun and other celestial bodies changing during the season. The reason the SAD is so prevalent in fall has everything to do with the position of the sun and the light rays.

The pineal gland, like other parts of the body, requires a continued source of quality nutrients for optimal function. If you have a diet that includes low-fat or poor quality fats, the brain is not going to operate at the level it was intended. In my experience, individuals with SAD issues, rather it be anxiety, depression, and/or pain, always respond to quality sourced capsules of Phosphatidylcholine. I usually only recommend it in the fall when the symptoms are the highest, a bottle or two can make a HUGE difference.

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