Are You Prematurely Balding?

Most of my new patients under forty years old are under my care because they do not want to look like their parents. They do not want to take medications, and they do not want to “age”. The twenty-somethings have been exposed to a fantasy world of constant visual stimulation of “pretty people”.

The number of young men who have thin hair is increasing. Why? They have been fed trans fat! There have been studies with laboratory animals losing their hair when omega-3 fats were removed from their diet. Fat is necessary for life. You can have accelerated joint pain, including rheumatoid arthritis, if you do not have the right fat. People who are “toxic” usually drink everything except water. Vegetables and fruits are a source of water that constantly bathes cells.

As a side note, I attended an event recently where I was called out of a session to look at a woman who was suffering with severe lower abdominal discomfort on her left side. I asked her a few questions. After completing a few, simple maneuvers, I assured her it was not her appendix. One of the questions pertained to her daily bowel movement amount. Guess how many bowel movements she had a day? Zero! She told me she might have a bowel movement once or twice a week. I mentioned a few of my tips to start her colon moving. She looked at me like I had four eyes when I told her she needed to have a bowel movement an hour or two after she ate. Do you think she is toxic? Do you think she has a statistically good chance to get cancer? Sadly, you bet she does.

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