Are You Pressuring Your Blood?

Did you know your heart beats at least 100,000 a day, and that it’s a sensitive muscle impacted almost immediately by what you do or don’t eat? Nitro tabs work within seconds. There is a strong neural (brain)-lingual (tongue) connection-which is what you taste or what is on your tongue, affects your brain and the rest of the body instantly. This is why you should chew your vitamins.

Vitamin D is also very important for heart health. Vitamin D works by increasing the calcium absorption from the intestines. The body uses calcium to calm down the system. Lack of calcium can lead to elevated blood pressure. Too much sodium commonly causes high blood pressure as a consequence from refined grains and sugar. When insulin is increased, sodium levels increase, equaling higher blood pressure. High blood pressure causes pressure on the heart muscle and blood vessels, with weakness and heart stress-eventually failure and early death. Omega-3 and a limited amount of omega-6 oils prevent inflammation in your body. It is all about inflammation. Cholesterol may be elevated because your body uses it to make cortisone to take away the inflammation. Trans fat is a problem because it causes inflammation. Trans fat molecules are T-shaped, fats in nature are C-shaped. C’s and T’s do not interface.

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