Are your feet hot at night?

Do your feet reek of sewage? I have patients come into my office all the time with intense odor. My massage therapist has repeatedly mentioned to me a handful of clients have intense, smelly feet, and those that do, have a passion and desire for dairy products (What is the aroma of expired dairy products?). She continued to tell me their entire body; including arms and legs release the same, pungent odor. If you drink milk, eat ice cream, yogurt or cottage cheese, and have an “odor eater” problem, you should get off the milk. Milk leads to congestion and stagnation of the lymphatic system that is actually the “sewer highway” in your body.

Back to the individual with foot odor. During our conversation I discovered not only did their feet smell, but also their feet were hot at night time. What does that suggest to me? It is a common body signal with individuals who have a congested liver. Yes, you read that right. The young girl is pre-pubescent, which means her hormones are getting ready to kick in, and her liver is working overtime. She has a passion for sweets, and you guess it: dairy. It was awesome, her mom brought her in for care, because she could have suffered her whole life.

For those of you reading and want to know what to do, I would suggest filling out a Health Survey. From my experience, the number one body signal I discover on most clients worldwide is a congested liver-gallbladder. I will be recommending Bio B 100’s and Milk Thistle to this client. I will also encourage more water and fewer dairy products. If you insist on consuming dairy, only do organic.

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