Aspire to be Pain-Free

Aspirin is not a vitamin and margarine is not a food. Your body requires fat to survive and thrive. My patients and clients who are on “low fat” or “wrong fat” diets have emotional and mental disorders. If you or someone you know has an emotional challenge created by poor fat choices, their potential for long-term challenges with dementia and Alzheimer’s increases.

Did you know aspiring actually slows the healing of fractures? Did you also know aspirin should only be consumed for three days after an injury? If you take aspirin for more than three days, you are tricking your body and actually prolonging your healing time. Aspirin also interferes with the production of good fat that is instrumental in the formation of good fat for optimal brain and nervous system function.

Our Bloodspot EFA test assesses how your body handles all the environmental toxins and stressors. Throughout my career, this test will help you create a roadmap for optimal brain and nervous system health.

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