Aspirin Causes Pain

Pain can be challenging. I have a chapter in “Dr. Bob’s Trans Fat Survival Guide” called “Winning the Pain Game”. Do you suffer and put up with chronic pain? Do you know there are millions of Americans that suffer with pain everyday and do not know what to do besides taking an aspirin or Tylenol? Do you know those medications, even though may be OTC, can create liver and kidney stress?

OK, here it is, ice cream is the number one indulgence for most Americans, including most of you reading this. I would predict a present for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or holiday, might in fact be an ice cream maker.

“Wow Dr. Bob, I can’t believe you just wrote that!”

I would rather have you bond and have some family time and make your own ice cream versus going out and buying some toxic version with whatever they use to flavor. Ice cream causes pain because of the sugar and dairy. When I see calcification on a side lumbar or low back x-ray of the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body, I always ask if the patient eats ice cream. Guess what? They do!

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