Breathe In. Breathe Out.

I have discovered that our adrenal glands play a very significant role in proper breathing. When your adrenal glands function optimally, breathing channels in your lungs are capable of passing air without any obstruction. However, when one is stressed for whatever reason, even if they don’t smoke, they start coughing. We must support our adrenals!

A patient who suffered with a 24/7 cough for twelve years had stress, but her main nemesis was sugar! She didn’t realize that sugar consumption was throwing her adrenal gland into exhaustion. We supported her adrenals with Adrenal Health and stopped her sugar cravings with Glycemic Health.

I suggest you limit your ‘busy’ ness. It is ok to say no. Start to weed out sugar. It’s for your best. During the winter, if you correlate your coughing with the increased amount of sugar and wheat intake, then you can start to control your health.

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