Can You Stay Up All Night?

I have talked to many twenty and thirty-year-old individuals in my practice over the last couple of years that want sincere health. The internet and media have created a model of youthfulness that is pleasing to the eye, and everyone will do what it takes to look the youngest, richest, most toned, and so on.

Do you remember the energy you once took for granted, like when you could stay up and out all night? How does it get restored?

1. Zinc is necessary for insulin production. Lack of zinc creates poor insulin function. If you do not have enough insulin, you will not have energy. I would avoid sugar because it causes a lack of energy.

2. Resveratrol is the energy creator for your cell energy machine. It is the nutrient found in blue-skinned, whole foods. Resveratrol works by feeding the energy centered in your cells. Eat more blueberries and plums.

3. Correct posture and oxygen. Standing straight, not forward, increases the capacity in your lungs to exchange the oxygen needed to feed the fire and release carbon dioxide; more oxygen means more energy.

4. Iron for adequate tissue oxygenation. Your body carries oxygen in blood. Blood has iron as one of its components. Stress depletes iron; long-term stress creates exhaustion.

5. Alkaline foods to preserve your iron, manganese, and selenium. You want alkaline foods to neutralize the acidic environment in your body. Acid slows you down.

You can stay vibrant, but there are principles one must follow. I often consult with clients and patients who want to play by their rules. Guess what? You cannot fool Mother Nature!

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