Chicken, Turkey and Cows, Oh My!

I know there is a commotion about red meat. Should you eat it or shouldn’t you? The factual cause of high cholesterol, from my experience and evidence, primarily points to sugar and trans fat as the leading factors. I do not discourage our patients from eating red meat. If you decide to consume red meat, I would do it sporadically and only grass-fed organic. From my own experience, red meat is a bit more difficult to digest. If you have a foul smelling stool after eating meat, it is a sign to me that you lack important digestive enzymes and are acidic.

I do encourage chicken and turkey; they are a great source of protein, including the amino acid, Tryptophan, a precursor for serotonin that is great for calming the body. If you have challenges sleeping, you may want to think about adding chicken meatballs or meatloaf to your weekly eating pattern. I always make sure I have enough Celtic Sea Salt on hand and you can add Flax Powder from Omega Nutrition as an extra protein and fat source.

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