Clean Machines Work Better!

There are simple life principles that impact all of us regardless if we admit to them or not. For instance, if you attempt to jump off a rooftop, I can pretty much guarantee that you will drop and break a few bones. You cannot defy the law of gravity.

Natural principles preside over every aspect of our existence. Currently, there is a bombardment of chemicals that are stressing the detoxifying systems in your body. What is your plan to manage the assault? There is a truism that a dear friend told me one time, “Clean machines work better”. There are several glands and organs in your body doing what they can to help you function better.

Common body signals of “toxic buildup” in your body include: increase of skin lesions, moles, “liver spots”, psoriasis and acne. Bad breath and body odors are also signs of toxic “back up”. How about your feet, do they cause your family to run and hide when you remove your shoes? Continued exposure to toxins and the slow removal and processing of toxic chemical contact will result in accelerated breakdown and the potential to have proliferation of cancer cells.

There are a couple of very important nutrients that help control the growth or expansion of cells, including cancer cells:

– Iodine limits the continuous unchecked growth of cancer cells in breast tissue; the term is apoptosis.

– Vitamin D limits the continuous growth in all cells including cancer cells in breast tissue.

What I want you to realize is that the two most important nutrients anyone should be in tune with is iodine and vitamin D. Do you want to know what is really exciting? You can have your vitamin D and iodine levels checked! There is no reason as to why anyone who is reading this right now should not at least have their levels tested and supplemented accordingly. As a side note, we have consistently witnessed men lower their PSA levels by supplementing iodine.

We are never going to stop the continuous bombardment of chemicals. We are all exposed to hundreds of chemicals knowingly and/or unknowingly every day. Just like the law of gravity that was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton, some things occur whether or not you believe in them. So here is what you need to do:

– Have your vitamin D and iodine levels checked

– Take a liver supplement every day – Livotrit Plus™ is a good start

– Eat Dr. Bob’s ABC’s (one-half of a red apple, one-third cup of beets and one medium carrot) daily which is a basic foundation for any detox or cleansing process. Start today!

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