Detoxify: Easy as 1-2-3

One of the most common questions and emails I receive from our worldwide clients and Facebook friends is, “Dr. Bob – What do I take to detoxify?” My standard and most common response is that it is not what you take but what you do. I can make recommendations to improve your body’s ability to process toxins, but the real long-term answer is to change what you put in and on your body.

Your skin is the report card on your ability to process the massive amount of toxins you are exposed to. Even if you eat all organic food and drink pure water you are exposed to toxins everywhere:

– Toxins are released from the fabric of your car; even more if you have leather.We breathe cadmium from the exhaust in cars as we drive. (We can test you for this – just ask!)

– Any water in America has traces of toxins; even organic salad has percolate (rocket fuel) in it.

– Any skin lesion such as brown spots, cherry hemangiomas, bad breath, and smelly feet are all toxic symptoms.

Excessive sweating is a sign your adrenals are exhausted and unable to release toxic metals.

Ok, so what are you going to do?

First, start with one-half of an organic red apple, one-third cup of organic beets, and one organic carrot every day. The fiber in these three foods promotes bowel function and lowers or reduces toxins in your body. Your liver is the key to long-term health. Remember, whatever you put in and on your body needs to be cleared by the liver. The more toxins you take in,  especially the ones found in medications and conventional food (which includes soda), creates a burden on your liver.

Second, eat organic vegetables and drink water from a pure source. Eat organic eggs, onion, and garlic on a regular schedule along with broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower – sulfur foods promote liver health.

Third, if you follow each of the recommendations above, I would add these three products for three to six months or until your skin clears, breath is fresh, and feet do not have an odor:

Beta Plus™ is a source of bile, which promotes liver gall bladder function. Bile is alkaline and balances the acid created by stress. The protocol is one a day, then two a day, then three a day followed by one a day, etc.

Beta TCP™ thins the bile as it flows through the liver to the gallbladder. I would take three daily or one before each meal.

Livortrit Plus™ is a proprietary product with 17 herbs created to literally squeeze the liver releasing the bile that has been stored or accumulated. It is like a set of hands promoting liver health and function.

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