Did Somebody Say, “Horse Urine?”

Menopause is not a disease; it is a transition from being fertile and able to procreate, to a time when your body is stopping the process. Today, many women are being surgically forced into surgical menopause because they are having their uteruses removed.

Let’s say you are in the “forced” menopause state created by this removal. What do you do? It is probable you will be prescribed a type of hormone replacement therapy that originates from horse urine.

Taking synthetic medication from a horse may appear to be logical because it is just urine, but you may not realize a horse has different types and potencies of estrogen. If you were a horse, you would need horse urine, but since you are not a horse, you might want to consider herbal remedies that assist your body to create hormones from other tissues. I have read that any cells with cholesterol can create steroids (steroids are the basis for optimal female hormone health). The adrenal gland is the most significant of all glands in your body because it’s the “back up” system. I personally recommend a menopause saliva test, to assess the hormone levels in your body and supplement accordingly.

If your menopausal season has transpired without incident, which is common in women who have made the decision to eat whole foods and maintain optimal liver and adrenal function, you will want to support your adrenal glands with whole food nutrients and animal-based gland supplementation. I use a variety of products in my practice to achieve optimal hormone function throughout one’s life including Adrenal Health and Licorice Root, both from Gaia Herbs. I would also suggest minerals, bell peppers, and flax oil.

If your menopause was not easy (maybe you had “night sweats” or “hot flashes,”) you might want to have your iodine levels assessed. I have discovered that iodine will often stop the symptoms of menopausal hot flashes. If you do not have vaginal lubrication, you may want to have your adrenal glands checked with a saliva test. Your primary goal is to have the adrenals functioning with efficiency.

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