Do You Chew With Your Mouth Open?

The colon is impacted by the food you eat. The most common challenge includes any type of gluten-refined grain. Refined grains that have gluten tend to “glue” to the villi of the intestines and stick to your colon wall (the place through which your body is supposed to absorb nutrients). Because of this, people who love their gluten tend to have digestive distress and even bloating.

Some questions for you:

Are you aware that digestion starts in the mouth? Do you chew enough? Did you know saliva helps break down starches?

Your body needs water to make saliva. You will want to drink up to a quart of water every day, between meals. Water is needed to move the stool, or fecal material, through your colon. One takeaway that I want to pass on, those of you who breathe through your mouth and/or chew with your mouth open absorb more air and have more gas. The time it takes food to leave your mouth and end up in the toilet is called “transient time”. I have read the average American transient time is 96 hours; normal is 24 hours. Did you have a bowel movement this morning? You should have a bowel movement within two hours or so of being up. If you do not have a consistent, regular bowel movement, drink more water and eat more vegetables.

I would suggest adding Dr. Bob’s Cole Slaw to your weekly routine. The cabbage in cole slaw promotes complete digestive healing, as do kale and other greens.

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