Do You Have Enough Iron?

I sometimes wonder how much we are taught about the human body in school. I bring this up because I read an interesting comment from someone who suggested that many educated individuals make poor choices that affect their long-term health. I suspect many live their day-to-day life based on patterns their parents’ created. In the past, when someone was tired, they gave him or her an iron supplement or forced liver and onions down the hatch. This was because they were anemic, or at least their auntie was, and she took iron and had more energy.

Today, with all the lab tests out there, you can quickly tell if you have iron deficient anemia. A simple blood test called a CBC with a Differential can tell me a lot about you. Elevated estrogen levels are found everywhere and can precipitate real, long-term challenges with energy and the blood. When a female has elevated estrogen levels, she will tend to have a heavy menstrual flow. I know that over time a mother of three can be exhausted and take iron tablets throughout the day, but never rebound because estrogen is constantly creating the environment for heavy menses.

Your cells require oxygen to complete their job, much like a fire requires a source of oxygen to burn and glow. If you are losing blood, either from a menstrual challenge, from your colon because of digestive challenges, or from your stomach because of an ulcer; you need to get to the cause and stop the free flow of blood.

Lastly, stress creates an acidic environment in the body. Your body needs to balance the pH so it is not on the acidic side. I am not sure if you are aware, but minerals are used in the balance: iron, manganese, and selenium are commonly used, plus others. From my experience, these minerals are deficient or low in the Hair Analysis results of patients and clients who have an anemic issue or low-iron induced anemia. This is only one aspect of the huge puzzle of low energy.

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