Do You Like Having Organs Removed?

I reconnected with an acquaintance yesterday. They had a few parathyroid glands removed. They said the doctors froze the three glands they took out and could implant them if needed-sound promising? They also mentioned they were suffering with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is quite common today. Do you have it? The person was taking the typical medications for osteoporosis; the endocrinologist further suggested they remove the hyperactive parathyroid glands as well. The person proudly told me they had the surgery and needed to take medication forever. I smiled, and really did not say a lot (you need to know when to be quiet). I suggested that a common cause of osteoporosis is lack of vitamin D; I also suggested they have their D tested.

Conventional, medical healthcare providers are quick to remove tissues from your body. I would suggest if you have been told to have surgery on any part of your body, you may want to get another opinion from another ‘drugless’ source. This person was having osteoporosis because they had low Vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary to bring calcium from one’s intestines and move it to the blood. Lack of vitamin D will create a negative feedback loop that will increase parathyroid activity. I have noticed tissues increase in productivity of hormones and erroneously be removed because of misunderstanding how physiology works in the body. A real challenge is there are so many organs removed today for all the wrong reasons. Do you have overactive tissues in your body? Do they want to remove one of your organs or tissues? If yes, you may want to start by completing a Health Survey.

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