Do You Still Have Your Gallbladder?

I hope you are ready for some Dr. Bob “Approved” recommendations. I suggest you eat fats and oil that have not been refined.

“What does that mean, Dr. Bob?”

You might not be aware, but soy oil is extracted from the bean by hexane! Hexane is a toxic chemical. I know sometimes you might think, “Who cares?” Well, over time, you should care. Why? When new patients come in to my office every week with a history of surgery, guess which organ is commonly removed: the gallbladder! So where am I going with this?

I had a female patient yesterday that was at her wit’s end. She first had her gallbladder surgically removed. As a consequence of the altered liver physiology, her uterus became compromised from poor liver function and needed to be removed because of heavy menses. The flow of menses was accentuated because her liver cells could not adequately process the estrogen in her environment. She is now on antidepressants and HRT medication. Let’s just say she had a passion for convenience food. Over time, easy-to-eat fried food “clogged” her liver, which produced thick, pasty bile. I see this scenario play out dozens of time per month, and thousands of times over my career.

I would never put trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils in my body-EVER!

Examples of unrefined oils:

– Olive



I would not use any clear oil because it is basically “dead”.

Instead, I would eat walnuts, avocados, and ground or whole chicken thigh meat. If you do have challenges with your digestion, you may want to consider five drops of Peppermint Leaf, which I take daily; it is great for gallbladder function.

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