Do You Think About Your Hair and Nails?

Your hair quality and texture are direct reflections of what is going on inside of you! Thinning and gray hair are body signals of sub par thyroid function. Did you know massive hair loss often results from stress?

When your hair stylist or barber says something to you about the lack of natural curl in your hair compared to prior visits, it suggests to me, that you may not be consuming enough minerals. Poor mineral absorption is common today. One of the leading factors is gluten found in wheat, rye, and oats. Does this sound like you? If you are a consistent wheat eater and notice thinning, lack luster hair, I suggest cutting back on the gluten-based grains. I assure you, the results of your assessment will likely suggest poor mineral absorption. Many of you take vitamins and minerals that are not being used properly.

A recent hair consultation revealed the client had: sub par thyroid function, adrenal exhaustion, and stress to the pituitary gland. Think of the Hair Analysis assessment as forensic medicine. You will be amazed what we learn.

Do your toes have fungus? You likely have a colon loaded with yeast and fungus. I suggest a saliva test. Spit in a cold glass of water first thing in the morning. If the sputum sinks, chances are you have an excessive amount of mold/fungus/yeast. It would be best to contact our office so we can complete additional action steps to assist you in your full body restoration.

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