Do you want to lose weight?

Optimal liver and colon function are critical for long-term weight maintenance.

Do you know how to cleanse your liver?
Do you know if your liver is congested?
Did you have at least one bowel movement this morning?

Constipation and liver stasis will prevent weight loss. There are a few items that will compromise your liver that will prevent weight loss-medications SLOW liver function. Medication requires nutrients to be processed. Sulfur and protein are involved in optimal liver function. I would encourage you to eat eggs, onion, and garlic. Trust me, the egg yolk is not your cholesterol problem-the sugar and trans fat create more of a cholesterol problem. I would suggest you eat at least a mixed green salad everyday. The greens will help bowel function, since they have magnesium. If you crave chocolate-you more than likely will never lose weight.

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