Does Your Headache Give You A Headache?

A chronic cold is not always a cold! If you have a cough or symptoms of a cold for more than a week, your body is sensitive because you are eating food that is creating inflammation in your oil-deficient intestines. Finding the cause of your allergies is like looking at puzzle pieces in a box. How do you figure out that picture on front of the container? You need to work to solve. Foods that my patients and clients are passionate about are usually the culprit creating their sniffles.

Let’s take it a step further-if you are addicted to poor quality snack-based fried foods, you will always have a headache, poor health, pain symptoms, and chronic allergies. I have witnessed this since 1978. You may be going to the best allergist on the planet, but if they don’t ask you what you are eating, you will be dropping money at their front desk without any improvement.

The food manufacturers have discovered that humans have a passionate addiction to salt, fat, and sugar. These three items create a real challenge for your intestinal environment. It’s in your best interest to eliminate as much processed food as you can to achieve optimal health. The seriousness of what I am talking about is the fact that chronic, sinus issues result in upwards of eight or nine sinus cavity surgeries.

How would you like to live a lifetime of antibiotic dependency?

Did you know chronic, antibiotic usage could develop into a huge yeast problem?

Do you burp and pass gas frequently? Does it have an odor? If yes, I would suggest that you spend time filling out a Health Survey and let us develop a plan together for your optimal health.

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