Don’t Be Fooled by the Seeds I Got

I laughed when I read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today recently. US manufacturers are doing their best with the “help” of the media to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

In the Lancet, it was reported that lifestyle has nothing to do with the genes involved in breast cancer. HELLO! They are the same catalysts that said Splenda and trans fat are healthy!! Kellogg’s says their Frosted Mini Wheat cereal improves one’s immunity more than twenty-percent.  Can you believe it?

Sugar paralyzes the immune system- Did you know that people who eat sugar tend to have more upper respiratory challenges? We use a product called Cr-Zyme from Biotics Research to help your relentless desires for sugar. You may need to take up to six daily to stop the process. Kellogg’s was warned previously about some of their ludicrous statements. I want you to use common sense when choosing the foods you eat. I also just saw a product being advertised as “cane juice sweetened”. Sad.

Monsanto is the leading producer of Genetically Modified (GE or GMO) seeds. They also make Round Up, supposedly one of the least toxic herbicides. Weeds that Round Up experimented on are adapting or producing new weeds that have outsmarted the negative impact of the Monsanto brand. They produce seeds that have been developed to withstand the very negative effects of Round Up. I would not eat GMO food. According to the rules, organic food is not GMO.

Lastly, back to the Lancet saying breast cancer genes are not affected by lifestyle. I was not able to see who funded the study, but I do not want you to think that you can eat and drink with reckless abandon and fool Mother Nature. In the new edition of “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Balancing Female Hormones”, I go into further detail how vitamin D and iodine are very instrumental in promoting a positive gene response to promote apoptosis. Apoptosis is limited cell life, which means a cell will only live a certain amount of time and then die. Toxic substances turn the switch off so the cells can proliferate while vitamin D and iodine make sure they stay on. You want to have your vitamin D and iodine levels checked as you create a Dr. Bob “Approved” roadmap.

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