Don’t Be Irritable

You live or die from your digestive tract function. Most people do not take their colon and bowel function serious until it is too late according to colon therapist. Clients visit her office with years of colon challenges expecting one colonic to cure every issue they have experienced. I know from my own time with patients, I see and hear more people having their colon removed in sections!! Do you want a piece of your colon removed?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is commonly precipitated by stress, dairy, wheat, or any combination thereof. I know stress is a huge factor with so many today. Have you noticed when you are stressed you tend to have more diarrhea? Have you stayed home because you feared if you went out and ate something wrong you may “mess” your pants. I have a TV segment with one of my young patients that experienced that very issue for five years until she came into my office. If you have an issue with constipation you may develop out pocketing protrusions of your lower colon resulting in small pouches that can get inflamed. The pockets make up diverticulosis; the inflammation process is called diverticulitis. My suggestion if you experience this condition is eat steamed vegetables and make fresh cabbage juice. Rub castor oil on the area.

Constipation is relieved commonly by drinking more water, eating more vegetables, and relaxing, which allows time to have a bowel movement. Make sure your thyroid is up to par; lack of iodine and subpar thyroid function leads to constipation.

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