Dr. Bob “Approved” Children’s Health

Children are our most prized possessions (most of the time), and as parents, we not only want them to discern between “right and wrong,” but to also demonstrate lifelong nutritional habits.

There is an old adage which says, “An ounce of prevention…” In 2013, it may need to be “A pound of prevention…” with the multitude of toxins that your kids are exposed to throughout their days.

School is probably the biggest catalyst to compromising a child’s health, and nothing brings more apprehension to a parent than hearing “cold and flu season.” According to Dr. Keri Marshall, a licensed naturopath doctor in New Hampshire, she recommends a preventative “Stop, Caution, Go,” method to make sure that your kids are receiving proper nutrition.

Stop eating trans fats and fried foods. Example: Hydrogenated oils. Remember to read LABELS!

Caution when eating saturated fats; eat red meat in moderation.

Go for omega-3 fatty acids such as cold water fish (wild, not farm raised).

Equally important during “cold and flu” season is to refrain from receiving a flu-shot at all costs. Recently, there was a report noting children who receive the annual flu vaccine, especially those who have asthma, may be more likely to be hospitalized than children who don’t receive the shot. Of course, medical pundits talked about certain reasons why, but the fact remains. Another preventative measure is to eliminate sugar completely, since sugar depletes the essential minerals to function optimally. Sugars to eliminate include:

– White Sugar

– Brown Sugar

– High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

– Corn Syrup

– Fructose

– Evaporated Cane Juice or Flavored Crystals

Remember to read labels since the following foods, even though they may say “natural” oftentimes are loaded with sugar:

– Cereal

– Peanut Butter (try almond butter instead)

– Salad Dressings

– Juice

– Pre-packaged frozen dinners

– Salty Snacks

An important question to pose and for us to answer:

“I don’t want my child to take medication, but I want to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition. What should I do?

Perfect question! Our personalized Health Survey is ideal because we can specifically target the proper nutrition for your child.

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