Dr. Bob “Approved” Joint Pain Relief

Did you wake up with hip, back, or shoulder pain? Was it from something you ate or how about what you did not eat? Is it your age? I have observed people with a passionate desire for pineapple only to experience mid-back pain; I see that with white potatoes as well.

There are eighty-six million Americans that encounter some type of pain everyday. I have discovered most individuals do not know how important fat is in relieving and/or causing pain. Yes, you read that correctly. It is all about the fat you eat or do not eat! I have a chapter in my “Trans Fat Survival Guide” entitled, “Winning the Pain Game”. I included that chapter because patients who want to learn about trans fat more than likely suffer silently in pain. How about you?

I fondly call eclairs and their doughnut cousins, “Torpedoes of Death”. I gave them this name since they are a drawn out death sentence because of the trans fat (heart attacks), sugar (depletes critically needed minerals) and wheat (depletes the body of zinc required as a co-factor for heart and brain health). I would suggest taking at least two teaspoons of Biomega-3 oil everyday. It provides soothing healing for your inflamed blood vessels and nerves.

If you eat trans fat on a regular basis (at least once a week), I can guarantee you live in pain. Throw in a bit of sugar (a bag or two in your coffee), and I know for sure you are in pain!

There are also foods that cause pain which you might not expect. Tomatoes, potatoes, green pepper and eggplant are called “nightshade plants”. The unique factor that links them, according to what I have researched, is the fact they have an alkaloid toxin in their constituency called solanine, that when in abundance, and not cleared by your toxic liver, creates pain!

I would suggest considering an item to push the bile through your liver such as half a red apple a day. I have patients take a product called Beta Plus from Biotics Research. The Beta Plus has an animal-based bile salt that assists in the breakdown or emulsification of fat. Did you have your gallbladder removed? Did you know over 500,000 gallbladders are “ripped out” of unknowing patients every year in the US? Did you know that your gallbladder is the equivalent to the dish detergent bottle sitting on your kitchen sink? Could you imagine surviving without clean hands and dishes? If you have had your gallbladder removed, you need to take the Beta Plus forever! I have learned patients who have had their gallbladders removed tend to statistically attract two challenging conditions: cancer and heart disease. This is because of poor fat metabolism. A very active acupuncture point, by the way, can precipitate right knee pain in the meridian system of your body. The point is gallbladder 34.

Men can experience heel pain on the inside or medial aspect of their heel when they do not have enough zinc which can cause the prostate to swell by pressing on the nerves that go to the prostate. Zinc is depleted from eating wheat and soy. You might consider a Hair Analysis or the Aqueous Zinc test to check your zinc levels. Large facial pores, white spots on your nails, poor memory, and scarring easily are also body signals of low zinc levels.

Wrist pain or carpal tunnel pain is common with low levels of B6. If you have any blood work results at home, look at the liver enzymes. They say SGOT or SGTP, low levels of B6 allow inflammation to occur in the body-pain.

One last takeaway regarding joint pain: Low back pain (LBP)- did you know LBP is the leading cause of missed days from work? Where do you live? If you have suffered for years with back pain, you may consider coming to Cleveland for a consultation. Sharp low back pain suggests ligaments, dull pain is muscle, and burning pain is nerve. If you experience pain standing on your toes or heels, you might have a disc lesion. Try lying on your stomach and lifting your head. Do you have pain? If yes, you might have a disc lesion. if the pain goes away, you more than likely have a misaligned vertebrae or subluxation. Subluxation is serious and can create much pain and impair body function. Hopefully this will provide you with some support.

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