Dr. Bob “Approved” Nails

Your nails are a reflection of internal function. Color, cracked, ridged, peeled, spoon-shaped, yellow nail bed, and white spots are common nail conditions. Take a moment and look at your fingernails. Are you able to see them, or are they camouflaged by nail polish? Do you know what is in your nail polish?

Nails that peel, chip, break, and/or crack easily are a body signal to me that your digestion may not be functioning optimally. You should consider using Hydro-Zyme, which supports digestion and aides nutrient absorption. Nails need nutrients; if you’re not seeing the results that you would like, it could be all of the pastries and similar items that you are eating, which do not provide the right source of nutrition. The integrity of your nails is a direct reflection, or report card of your body function. You may be applying polish or hardener on your nails when you really need to be monitoring your diet.

Sugar and stress cannibalize nutrients. The more sweets you eat, combined with daily pressures and anxiety you live with, zaps your body of critically needed nutrients. I use Celtic Sea Salt everyday; it is an awesome source of nutrients, and I put it on everything (even apples). Does bright light bother your eyes? Do you get leg cramps during the day? These are common body signals of a mineral deficiency.

What color are your nails? They should have a red-pink color; blue nails suggest a need for Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is needed to make red blood cells. Vegetarians tend to be deficient in B12 compared to individuals who eat animal tissue. If you are vegetarian, I would suggest contacting us to order B12 Lozenges. The best way to find out if you need B12 is to have a complete blood count or CBC. I look for the MCV level, which is the corpuscle volume. The size of a blood cell increases with a lack of B12. Your blood may not be capable of carrying enough oxygen and your nails become blue.

Yellow nails are common with a vitamin E deficiency. We use a product called Bio-E-Mulsion, which is a liquid form of Vitamin E. You can also apply the drops of E on your cuticles or skin around the nail bed. I would not tear the cuticle skin; always cut the skin with a sharp pair of scissors or a nail clipper. The torn or ripped skin can be easily infected. If you nails are infected, you may want to soak them in Agrisept-L. I personally take ten drops of Agrisept-L everyday. It is a great way to keep those unwanted bacteria from growing inside your body.

Are your nails ‘healthier’ in the summer and bland during the winter? I have many patients tell me their nails are awesome during the sunshine-heavy months, than during the fall and winter, they lose their integrity. The sun creates vitamin D in your skin which enhances the absorption of calcium from your intestines. Your nails need calcium to be strong. Soda consumption weakens nails; the phosphoric acid in the soda confuses the calcium in your body.

Thick, yellow toenails are a body signal that you may have impaired blood flow to your legs and feet. It would benefit you to contact us so we can create a strategy to improve your circulation.

One further suggestion: Your goal should be to eliminate the toxic acrylics off of your nails, eat right, and supplement accordingly. If you have a fungus challenge on your nails, you want to focus on your colon.

Below are a list of nail body signals and the items you may want to add to your daily supplement regime. Keep in mind that eating with reckless abandon without regard for your health and having the mindset that a vitamin will do everything, is not the logical way to achieve optimal nail or full-body health.

Fingernail and Toenail Health Supplementation:
Broken, Cracked, Dry, Horizontal or Vertical Ridges- Rule out calcium deficiency and gastric dysfunction- Osteo-B Plus (6), Ca/Mg-Zyme (6), Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days, then (3). Flax Seed Oil or Biomega-3 (6), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Darkened Bends- Rule out vitamin B12 deficiency; B12 Lozenges (1-3) daily, Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days then (3), Biomega-3 (6), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Toenail Fungus- Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days, then (3), Biomega-3 (6), A.D.P. (6-9), Beta-TCP (6), MCS-2 (3), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Ridged- Rule out calcium deficiency and/or calcium metabolism dysfunction: Multi-Mins (6), Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days then (3), Biomega-3 (6) or Optimal EFA’s (6), Osteo-B Plus (6), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Slow or No Growth, Yellow Nail Bed- Rule out vitamin E deficiency, Bio-E-Mulsion Forte (60-90 drops), Toctrienols (2), Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days then (3) daily, Osteo-B Plus (4), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Soft, Easily Torn, Opaque White Lines- Rule out protein deficiency and gastric dysfunction; Immuno-gG (3), Osteo-B Plus (4), Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days, then (3) daily, Biomega-3 or Optimal EFA’s (6), One scoop of Pumpkin Protein, Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Thin, Flat, Spoon-Shaped, White, or Yellow Nails Beds- Rule out iron deficiency, Fe-Zyme (3), Hydro-Zyme or HCL-plus (6), Flax Seed Oil (6), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

White Spots- Rule out zinc deficiency, Zn-Zyme Forte (3) for 30 days, then (1) daily, Bio-Multi Plus (6) for 30 days then (3), Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (1-3 drops).

Burning Sensation- Rule out disc at 5th cervical through 8th thoracic; ChondroSamine Plus (3), B12 Lozenges (4), Bio-B Complex (3).

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