Dr. Bob “Approved” Pet Tips

How many of you have a pet or pets? If you have one or more, you know it takes time to service all of their needs; a huge challenge is when your pet becomes ill. I read a very interesting article comparing the cost between cats and dogs; you need a few more dollars to service your dog in contrast to your cat. The average expense per year is about one thousand dollars.

Our family has a seventeen-year-old female Maltese (Yes, I just said seventeen). We keep her hair cut short like a “puppy cut” which has saved time combing and removing the snarls. We usually have her groomed every four weeks or so; if you see your pet scooting along the carpet or ground it may be a body signal that their “anal glands” could be congested and need to be expressed-our groomer does that. This is just a little something that I discovered along the way and knew someone may need to learn right now!

I want to add a few suggestions to your “drugless” cabinet to make your pet’s life as healthy as you. First, I do not give my dog any anti-flea medication. I have read articles, even in the Wall Street Journal, indicating that the flea medication might create skin challenges to your pet. We have researched and located a source of two magnets that we have attached to her collar that has helped repel any thought of fleas. I also watch where we take her, we bathe her in Agrisept-L, which is a non-toxic citrus seed extract sourced with lemon, grapefruit and tangerines that helps “seek and destroy” any flea that may want to make her their future home.

Belle does have white fur, so we can see fleas very easily, if you notice small “black” dry scabs, it is possible it could be from “flea bites”. If you do not have a pet with white fur, you may need to take a closer look.

We also use a flea powder that we sprinkle on Belle, called Pet Flea Powder, which is an herbal powder that we discovered from a local vendor. The ingredients include eucalyptus, yellow dock, sage, rosemary, fennel and more. We soak Belle in our utility tub with about ten drops of Agrisept-L when she does scratch her skin. You may have a pet that does a lot of scratching. You may need to incorporate the Agrisept-L or add some Flax Powder. Sprinkle about a teaspoon per day to your pet’s food, depending on size. The flax powder is a great source of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that promote skin healing.

Your pet may experience red, blood shot looking eyes. If so, it is possible your pet might be suffering with digestive distress. Poor digestion can result in inflammation and red eyes, and even draining. We use a digestive aid for her (Bromelain Plus from Biotics Research). If your pet is larger, you can use an entire capsule. We usually give Belle at least one-half per day. We also add an acidophilus to her food such as Flora Med. The acidophilus is to help establish proper digestive flora in her intestines, you can use a fourth of a capsule daily.  Pets can use whole food supplements just as their owners do. They will pay you back in licks!

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