Dr. Bob “Approved” Solutions for Common Childhood Ailments

If you were to come into my office on any given day, we have children of all walks of life being assessed structurally, making sure their spinal alignment is in order. Have you ever thought of doing a posture check of your child? After all, a healthy spine is a healthy you. Your spine is the conduit pipe for your nervous system. your nervous system controls the function of your body. Regardless of what you may or may not consider about spinal function, keeping your spine aligned is a drugless principle that will help you stay healthy. Concerning the nervous system and gravity, I have found over time it makes more sense to work with Mother Nature than against. Here’s something to consider: The greater part of health challenges that I have been blessed to help over the last thirty years can be directly related to poor nervous system function.

Please be aware the health game has changed over the last few decades because of the toxins and stress in our environment. Gravity has always been and always will contribute to subluxation or misalignment of vertebrae causing small nerves that are carrying billions of messages to all the tissues in your body to be compressed. I hope you have an understanding that your body is like a massive computer network. Your brain is the main PC (or Mac) and all the USB attachments are along the spinal cord contributing vital information to, and receiving input back to make life choices for you automatically.


Common Cause


Misaligned mid back vertebra and adrenal stress is common.  These children tend to eat an excessive amount of citrus and drink a lot of citrus juice.  Their bodies need to become slightly more acid.  Check pH to create a plan.


Misaligned lower mid and upper low back are often present.  It is best to avoid foods that create gas especially dairy in some children.  Cheese and yogurt can be a challenge; also wheat is a common reason for digestive distress.  We assess our young patients with an infrared spinal thermography scan

Growing pains

Frequently a result of low thyroid function and/or lack of calcium.  Consider a Health Survey to obtain proper supplementation.


Generally caused by not consuming enough blended oils; Omega 3-6-9


Seen with excessive sugar and grain based foods consumption.  Note: Do not use fluoride toothpaste!  Here’s a safe alternative.

Stomach aches

Consumption of fatty foods.  Supplement with Peppermint Leaf, 5 drops in 4 oz of water daily

Chronic colds

Lack of calcium based foods.  Avoid sugar, add calcium lactate

Sore muscles and joints

Eliminate dairy and sugar which can be the cause of pain; supplement with Ca/Mg Zyme – three daily.  Whole food B vitamins are helpful in eliminating sore muscles created by lactic acid buildup from not being eliminated

Always sick

May want to add 3mg of iodine per day.  Iodine is a natural anti-septic.  Also add 3 Ca/Mg Zyme daily on an empty stomach.  Calcium glues cell membranes together.  Avoid sugar and soda’s which paralyze the immune system

Cry easy

Lack of B vitamins –Whole food B vitamins– 3 daily


No Trans Fat, avoid sugar, and dairy – these items inhibit DHA production.  DHA is the long chain fat for brain health

Common conditions I assist daily:

Here’s a scenario that I recognize daily; if your child had a traumatic birth, including a surgical presentation via a C-Section, (or trauma after birth while walking or falling), the tiny upper vertebrae in the neck or cervical spine may have been pushed just enough out of place to create impaired function. When a mother questions me about her child and a chronic problem that no one has been able to fix, which is very common, and drugs are not helping, I always ask when the problem started and what happened. I have seen headaches, asthma, and digestive distress start because of trauma; the most severe of which are car accidents.

A Dr. Bob “Approved” “pro-biotic” for daily use would include five drops of Agrisept-L, a citrus seed extract of lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine seeds.

Another big questions, is what should children really eat to help them obtain optimal health? I recommend the Page Diet. It is a great template of a mid-glycemic diet. Do not take any health challenge with your children lightly. They are your legacy.

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