Dr. Bob’s Tips to Prevent Infertility

Unfortunately, infertility has become popular. Some might think couples are waiting too long, others do not know why. From my observation, there are several reasons for infertility:

– Low thyroid
– Lack of adequate progesterone
– Sugar consumption
– Stress

Your thyroid gland acts like the gas pedal of the body. When your thyroid is not up to par, there will be constipation and congestion in the liver. The thyroid requires iodine, as do the ovaries. Here is a real, stealth concern most are not aware: Bromine, fluorine, and chlorine sabotage iodine.

This is why we complete Urine Iodine Loading tests on females attempting to get pregnant. Now, a female might conceive, but then the real issue, how long can she stay with the child. The fetus needs enough progesterone to stay connected. Sugar and stress are challenging because they deplete the adrenal gland. Many think the adrenal gland is insignificant, but every bit of hormone helps.

That is also a reason we do the Adrenal Stress Index and Female Hormone Panels. Can I let you in on a little known secret; wheat products or items with gluten can create adrenal stress.

“What does that mean, Dr. Bob?”

Your pastries, cookies, bagels, Kaiser rolls, hamburger buns, danishes, etc., can be a possible cause why you may have adrenal exhaustion and not be able to get pregnant or stay with child.

Lastly, I have noticed patients with progesterone issues have a greater chance to get chronic degenerative conditions like MS or rheumatoid arthritis. All of this is preventable. I encourage you to tell your family or friends to purchase my “Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones”, and even complete a Health Survey. I have seen a tremendous response by making a few easy changes.

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