Elevated Toxins. Elevated Estrogen.

Toxic exposure is all around us. In your water, the air you breathe and food you eat. This is not something to joke about. This is real, and the side effects include increased toxic exposure and even death.

BPA is found in plastic bottles. Even baby bottles and the microwavable containers you buy. Here is the real deal-the resins found in the BPA are toxic with xenohormones that have estrogen in the composition. Estrogen toxicity creates an environment in your body that promotes cellular growth, meaning you have the potential to get cancer!

If young children are exposed to estrogen at toxic levels when they are young, they can have an imbalance of their normal hormones that can result in accelerated, secondary sexual characteristics in young female girls and impaired function in young boys. This is very serious and can lead to serious hormonal challenges.

If you have a compromised liver, your body is not capable of processing the excessive hormone blast. Ladies, if you eat canned food, drink water from plastic No. 7 bottles, and eat food heated in microwaves, you may notice tender breasts and a heavy menstrual flow. The most common reason to have a hysterectomy is heavy bleeding and/or fibroids.

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