Eye See You

Do you look at your eyes? I mean, have you ever stopped to look at the colored part of your eye? It is called the iris. The dark part of your eye is the pupil. The size of the pupil is related to stress and diet. I took several classes on iridology, which is the study of eyes, and how they relate to body function. Do you have large pupils? Large pupils are common in individuals who have a passion for carbohydrates. Cookies, pasta, sweets and starchy foods, and soda create a burden on the adrenal gland. Your adrenal gland associates with the nervous system that affects the size of the pupil. People who are stressed and eat a lot of sweets will have sensitivity to light. The light bothers your eyes because your pupils are big. Focus on eating proteins (non-pork) and vegetables. Go ahead, look at your eyes; one last thought if you have a yellow color around your pupil, it could be kidney stress. Drink more water and eat parsley.

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