Fever All Through the Night

Do you have a bottle of aspirin or Tylenol at home right now just in case you get a cold or fever? It’s ok, I don’t judge. Did you know aspirin has some very serious side effects? I personally do not recommend aspirin for anything!

What do you do if you have a fever? Fever can be a serious sign of major inflammation in the body. Do not panic! If the fever lasts several hours, you may want to go to your healthcare provider. Let’s be real though, most of the time you get sick because you did or ate something that stressed your immune system. I know people do not like to hear this, but sugar is one of the leading reasons you get sick during the winter.

A common cause for fever, from my observation, is a lung challenge. I generally have our patients grind up several calcium tablets and put the powder in twenty ounces of water. Over time, the calcium strengthens cell membrane integrity. I would encourage you to add Ca/Mg Zyme from Biotics Research to your winter supplement protocol. I take three daily in winter on an empty stomach. If you have dry skin, you definitely need calcium.

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