Foods that fuel the flu!

We have coined a new term: “Flu Food” or food that fuels the flu. Flu Food is consumed passionately by millions of Americans in many different forms. The main ingredient of flu food is sugar!

The immune system is interdependent with all the glands and tissues in the body. One organ is equally as important as another. Let me give you an example; it has been suggested that unfriendly organisms do not like oxygen. Where does the oxygen enter the body? Through the lungs. If you have poor posture you are not breathing properly and you are compromising your body’s immune system.

Do you know what carries oxygen to the tissues? Red blood cells. Do you know what interferes with your body’s ability to absorb iron, which is needed by the body to create red blood cells? Antacids.

From my experience, one food item that appears to throw digestion off more than any other is wheat-based products. I am not saying all wheat is harmful. I am suggesting if you have chronic allergy symptoms; you may want to stop the wheat and even dairy. I am just trying to help you see the immune system is bigger than a system that can be improved with a multivitamin with zinc.

Your liver literally eats, chews up, and spits out the unfriendly cells, organisms, viruses , and parasites. You would do best to keep your liver functioning optimally. Medications, dairy, sugar, trans fat, alcohol, any artificial or substitute food or beverage can compromise liver function. I personally take Dandelion Root/Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Milk Thistle, and eat Dr. Bob’s ABC’s on a daily basis.

The colon is also a significant part of the whole defense mechanism in your body. A large portion of the lymphatic system resides in the intestines; that is why so many have digestive distress when one does not feel 100%. If you have a history of antibiotic over or miss-use, you could have compromised your entire immune system. The tonsils are a part of the system; the outright, massive removal of tonsils in the 1960’s, which I was a part of, is one of dozens of examples of “wrong thinking” and practice by the medical community. If you know someone right now going to get their tonsils removed, I would strongly encourage them to get off dairy and sugar-drink more water, and throw away all soda and Kool-Aid. Their tonsils might be saved.

Did you know spinal adjustments strengthen your immune system? My regular patients do not get sick; if they do, it is because they ate sugar or are under stress. Generally, patients who seek regular, spinal correction are mindful of their diet, do not get runny noses, sore throats or digestive distress, but those who dabble on the wild side and test the amount of sugar they eat, tend to have a runny nose and cough compared to those who do not. I would suggest if you do not have a skilled family chiropractor where you live, you might want to search and find one. A skilled, family chiropractor can help keep you healthy while everyone else is getting sick. There are thousands we help and they just keep going and going and going.

“What are simple takeaways that I can use today to help my immune system, Dr. Bob?”

– Eliminate Sugar (And no agave)

– Minimize or eliminate pasteurized, conventional milk. It is a dead food once it has been pasteurized.

– Drink water from a pure source.

– Eat organic, whole foods whenever possible. This places less stress on the tissues responsible for detoxifying.

– Take a liver product regularly; Milk Thistle, Dandelion Leaf and Root, and/or Peppermint Leaf.

– Eat Dr. Bob’s ABC’s on a regular basis; 1/2 apple, 1/3 cup of beets, and four to five baby carrots.

– Find a skilled chiropractor in your area.

– Have your vitamin D tested; take 2000IU to 10k of D3, depending on your results.

– Take up to 1200 mg of Ca/Mg Zyme daily on an empty stomach.

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