Get Real About Diabetes

Most diabetics are overweight, but not all overweight people become diabetics. Type II diabetes occurs when the pancreas becomes exhausted beyond repair and is becoming more widespread today because many people are overweight. Health risk increase as your weight increases. When you have too much fat and less muscle to burn, your pancreas has to work harder to create enough insulin to supply the transport of glucose to give you the energy you need.

Do you have family members that are diabetics? Do you eat the same food; do the same exercise and follow the same life patterns? If you answered yes, guess what? You are headed down the same path of devastation. I want to come across BOLD because I communicate with people daily that are in denial about their current health status. Do you want to start losing weight? I can guarantee if you stop drinking soda, you can lose fifteen pounds within six to eight weeks! Do you have breakfast pastries to start your day? If you switched to spelt (or any gluten-free) bread with almond butter, you will lose weight over time. Here is a simple tip:

Prepare smaller plates for dinner, leave the food on the stove, and only fill your plate one time. I had one couple each lose forty pounds only doing that.

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