Get Rid of Lice!

I have young patients go off to camp and get sick with parasites and major skin irritations, not counting lice. Lice only live on human hair. Female lice are about the size of a sesame seed, and lay about ten eggs a day gluing eggs to the shaft of hair. They hatch in about ten to fourteen days with a lifespan of three to four weeks. Pediatricians suggest their patients use over-the-counter medications to wash one’s hair, then nine days later wash it again to get the new ones that may have hatched. Others have said, not only do you get the live “bugs”, you should also get the nits, which are the eggs attached to the shaft. Medications do not always eliminate the eggs, only the live lice. Many are concerned about the harsh chemicals that are placed on their children. Do not use gasoline or Kerosene to kill the lice.

I recommend Agrisept-L, a product that we have had many great results! If you or anyone in your family has lice, I suggest you get two quarts of water and put at least fifteen drops of Agrisept-L in each quart and rinse before using our Natural Whole Body Shampoo, which is an awesome product; we get many positive comments from our patients daily how it makes their hair feel. Do that every week to make sure you kill all the live “babies” and adults.

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