“Get to Know” Anastomosis

Many patients think the number one reason they have a heart challenge is their vessels are clogged! Do you know older individuals who have heart blockages have a series of new blood vessels that have grown around the congested area? The process is called an anastomosis-it is a network of new blood vessels developing around the congested blockage. When a young person has an inflamed blood vessel and heart attack-they will die before their older counterparts. I have read many articles about blocked vessels and heart attacks, and I know that people with normal cholesterol can die from a heart attack. I have also discovered from reading and listening that people can have a heart issue when they have a state of inflammation from stress.

Stress Creates Inflammation: Constant exposure to stress can cause inflammation especially in younger individuals, who die almost immediately from a heart attack, which can be a spasm of the blood vessels. I just had an acquaintance pass who was young, but he had a passionate addiction to food and beverages especially specialty drinks with lots of sugar. he did not watch what he ate and literally died instantly in his lower forties. Aspirin does not stop you from having a challenge. Aspirin does not get to the cause of heart challenges. Aspirin tricks the body by altering normal fat metabolism. I would suggest a Bloodspot EFA test to determine or assess your EPA fat levels. EPA is the long chain fat that allows the blood vessels subtle and pliable. The EFA test is one of the ways to forecast heart health.

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