“Get to Know” Your Kidney & Gallbladder

I have had many patients come to my office with a look of anguish on their faces as they are holding their backs with a grimace looking for any type of relief. Many common habits that kidney sufferers seem to live by includes a passionate addiction to soda and no enough water. Nor do they eat any type of vegetables.

Kidney stones are solid crystalline masses formed from dietary urates, oxalates, phosphates and carbonates (names for metabolites). Once formed, the stones are flushed from the body through the urinary tract. many people pass small stones without even realizing it; however, if the stones develop sufficient mass, they may have difficulty moving through the urinary passages. This sort of obstruction causes the kidney muscles to contract in an effort to dislodge the stone, leading to pain in the abdomen and lower back. There are many home remedies that have been developed over time to help dissolve kidney stones and restore normal function to the urinary system. I have researched a few for you so you can have options:

– Drink more water. Make it a goal to drink at least two liters of water per day. Water will help move the stones through the system, washing away any residual toxins in the process. Drinking more water can help to keep uric acid diluted, which helps prevent the absorption and subsequent collection of the chemical compounds which form kidney stones.

– Increase your consumption of natural diuretics such as watermelon, cantaloupe, celery, and grapes. By eating these foods, you encourage the removal of excess fluids from the body and work to restore the health and function of the kidneys. I would like to point out you may have neck and mid back pain because of the “sweet fruits” (you can substitute cucumbers for watermelon).

– Eat more asparagus. Canned, fresh, or frozen, asparagus contains the compound, asparagine, that breaks up kidney stones. In addition to making the stones smaller and easier to pass, asparagus increases the level of cellular activity within the kidney, increasing the flow of urine and helping to was the stones from the system.

– Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, add it to one cup of water and drink before each meal. The chemical composition of this old-time remedy works to soften and dissolve kidney stones.

– Drink flax seed tea to break up your kidney stones. Add two tablespoons of flax seeds to two cups of boiling water. Allow the seeds to steep for fifteen minutes and then pour the brew through a coffee filter to remove the seeds. Add one-fourth cup of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey and stir until well-blended. Enjoy this tea three to five times a day until the pain has decreased and kidney function returns to normal.

There is a simple test that will be painful if you do, in fact, have a kidney stone. It is called the “Murphy Punch” test. If you think you may have a stone, a friend or relative can gently place their hand along your lower mid spine and tap on it with their slightly clenched fist. If you experience pain, it may be a kidney stone. The next step would be to have a microscopic urine test completed to see if there may be crystals in the urine. If there are, you might consider having a consultation. I also will suggest a Phosphorus/Calcium ratio; it should be a ten-part calcium to four part phosphorous balance. Heavy on the calcium suggests that you may have a calcium deposit issue. I also see elevation calcium levels on the Hair Analysis.

Other kidney products:

Renal Plus, Cytozyme KD, Mg-Zyme (helps dissolves stones in gallbladder and kidney), Argizyme, B6 Phosphate (for kidney and gall stones),  Nephra-Zyme (broad spectrum herbal and vitamin A, C, B6, and Uva Ursi)

Gallbladder Stones:

– Bile is created in the liver

– Bile flow stagnation results from lack of alkaline food like apples, beets, and carrots. When you are acid, your body will use bile that is alkaline to neutralize the acidic state.

– Bile is made up of cholesterol.

– Stagnation of bile is common with elevated estrogen; what water do you drink and what is the source of your fruits, vegetables and meats? Do you eat conventional or organic?

– Canned food is high in BPA and estrogen.

– The second child in females creates stress to the physiology of the liver/gallbladder loop.

– Gallbladder removal is like taking away your dish detergent. Bile emulsifies fat, ice cream, trans fat, sugar, chocolate, and medications either prescribed or over-the-counter need to be processed by the liver. One of the side effects of statin medications is liver distress.

– Do you have hemorrhoids, varicose veins, spider veins, or cherry hemangiomas? The liver clears parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Your liver has several pathways to process toxins in our/your diet and environment.

– Do you have a metal taste in your mouth, queasy digestive system, nausea over your eyes, difficulty swallowing, and brown marks on your body?

– Do radishes, green peppers, onions, or cucumbers create distress? Do you bloat after you eat? These are all signs of liver toxicity.

“What should I take, Dr. Bob?”

Beta Plus for those who have had their gall bladder’s out (500,000 are removed yearly). Beta-TCP helps thin the bile and pushes bile out of the liver. MCS2 for liver health.

– The Castor Oil Pack is a non-invasive procedure for liver/gall bladder distress.

– I suggest taking a liver product everyday. Milk Thistle, Beta-TCP, MCS2, Cytozyme LV, Liver Health, and Dandelion Leaf and Root.

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