Going Green Is Easier Than You Think

Over the years, I have typed thousands of pages of drugless content. At the time, it seems like each one is more important that the other. The subject of “green food” may not be the most enticing, but its significance has lifelong implications.

This was true for one of my patients that we recently had as a guest on our television program. Like so many tens of thousands of other women, she had been diagnosed over time with lumps, cysts, and tumors on her breasts. Commonly the first approach is to aspirate the lesion and send the results to a lab to determine if there are any cancer cells. If no cancer cells are present, the cyst may be removed or totally drained. The patient has follow-up care that may go on for years, with various mammograms and other procedures. Now if the lesion was determine to be cancerous, more testing is ordered and the lesion is treated accordingly with either removal of the area of concern, a partial removal of the breast, sometimes the entire breast and in extreme and not so uncommon scenarios, the “good” or normal breast is removed.

In her situation, she not only had her breast removed, she went through several sessions of chemo and radiation treatment. They took her entire breast off since she was told that the margins of the lumpectomy still suggested cancer activity. She presented herself to our office a couple of years after the procedure was finished because the next step for her was to go onto medications supposedly designed to stop further breast cancer proliferation. She made a decision that she wanted to pursue other “natural” modalities.

She had heard me speak at several venues and began to discover some of the body signals she put up with and dealt with for years: cold hands and feet, hair falling out and overall low body temperatures were common body signals of a low thyroid. She did have an epiphany and came to the conclusion her breast condition was possibly precipitated by a subpar thyroid gland function, stress, poor diet, and estrogen saturation.

Green food is the secret ingredient to control estrogen saturation. It has been suggested that 95% of all breast cancer can be traced to estrogen saturation. Green food helps support liver function. Ladies, you want an optimal functioning liver to clear estrogen metabolism. She was very emotional and not happy with the fact she did not have to even get the cancer in the first place, but the toughest reality for her was the fact she was ignorant and misinformed by the fact estrogen dominance, subpar thyroid function and poor diet choices were more than likely the primary reason she had breast cancer and had her breasts removed.

I know she was very frustrated with her dilemma, she was happy with what the surgeons were able to accomplish, but discouraged by the fact there was/is information about vitamin D, iodine, and the correlation with cancer that she did not know about. She has made the decision she is going to do whatever it takes to help other women learn about green food and the other nutrients that support whole body health.

Green food is a key to your long-term health strategy. If you want to prevent cancer, and you have studied family members who suffered with and eventually passed on with cancer, you may want to evaluate what they ate. Whatever they did, you do not want to repeat. Cancer and other chronic health conditions can be prevented.

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