“Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow”

I commonly see individuals from both genders losing their hair. Women tend to lose hair after the birth of their children, especially the second one. Men seem to lose hair at an accelerated rate today because of stress and poor dietary choices.

Your hair and skin integrity is a snapshot of what is going on the inside of your body. There are patterns that sometimes are hard to forecast, but I regularly observe through dialogue many situations in my patient’s personal lives that accelerate hair loss. I now a leading factor is stress and poor diet choices. I complete dozens of mineral tissue analyses every year, and there is a pattern I notice; clients with low or subpar functions of their thyroid tend to have calcium in their hair instead of their body. I also notice those who have poor protein metabolism have more phosphorous in their hair. The results of mineral tissue analysis have consistently revealed poor absorption in patients with poor health.

It is also true, there are families that have patterns of hair loss, but I know stress depletes vital minerals needed for hair integrity. I would suggest if you are under stress, increase your mineral and protein consumption. We encourage Celtic Sea Salt and protein via egg white or pumpkin powder. I see baldness or hair thinning in patients with low thyroid function and those who do not take in oil. I know a low thyroid is always common in ladies with thinning hair. You may consider a mineral tissue analysis to check your calcium, potassium and phosphorous levels-common in low thyroid function. If you eat a lot of trans fat laden foods, you will lose your hair. They did studies in rats and found those with low fat levels lost their hair. One last thought: There is a term called alopecia, a loss of hair when stress. What should you do? Take one tablespoon of flax oil daily, supplement at least twelve milligrams of iodine a day, and eat three to five ounces of protein with each meal. Support your adrenal glands with either Licorice Root or Adrenal Health.

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