Have Pain? Take Flax Oil.

I notice nearly everyday many of our new patients have wrist, elbow, and/or hand pain from repetitive stress. An interesting cause of repetitive injuries from my experience happens to be a deficiency of vitamin B6, omega-3 flax oils, and excess sugar intake. Many individuals have a diet high in carbohydrates and refined grains with soda and specialty coffees with sweeteners. Food can either cause and/or take away pain.

Think about Rosie the Riveter the famed laborer during World War II. You did not hear her complain about having wrist pain and repetitive stress injuries. Do you want to know why? Their diet was not an inflammatory ‘friendly’ type diet with super concentrated amounts of sweets, soda, and trans fat. I have noticed women in the forty-year-old range tend to have chronic shoulder pain-do you want to know why; they tend to be alkaline. You can check your pH to see if it’s purple in color. An alkaline pH usually means no cancer, but, you may suffer with pain syndromes like fibromyalgia and bursitis in the shoulder area, which is one of the reasons we suggest one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar either straight up or on your salad.

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