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Do you suffer from chronic heel pain? If yes, I suggest adding one ounce of apple cider vinegar (ACV) per day to your routine. ACV creates an environment in your body where calcium can be absorbed easily. From my experience, heel pain is common where patients are too alkaline. Alkaline is like baking soda, just the opposite of acid that is like vinegar. Heel pain is common in women over forty years old. Men can also have heel pain, mostly from over-exertion or being overweight.

You may also have heel pain because your feet are flat, and you have no strength in your muscles supporting your arch. I suggest toe raises. Stand with your toes straight out, and lift your heels up and down twenty-five times, repeat with your toes pointing in, and straightforward. This maneuver tones up the ankle support muscles and tendons. Take one tablespoon of flax oil per one hundred pounds of weight. Omega-3 flax creates a a fat tissue hormone called prostaglandin 3 which is pain relieving. It may take several weeks, but it pays off. Finally, you may need your foot/ankle adjusted. I manipulate feet and ankle bone alignment daily. I would not get surgery until you have exhausted all possibilities. Lastly, we weigh our patients on twin scales; this helps determine how they carry their weight. It is not uncommon to have someone twenty or thirty pounds heavier on one side. This occurs because of postural imbalance. If this is you, let’s chat.

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