Help Your Kids Get Off Medication!

My heart has been really strained and saddened recently. I have had a number of young patients taking between two and four medications. A short time ago, I had a young boy in the tenth grade that was on two antidepressants and a hyperactive medication. His parents were totally perplexed-he has been on medication since the sixth grade!

Why the outbreak of behavioral issues? It is from poor diet choices and upper cervical, or neck, misalignment. I consistently see children who have behavioral issues living in an unhealthy state with a neck curve that is 10 degrees, when it should be forty-five. The body sends messages down the spinal cord; when the spine is out of the normal position, it compresses spinal nerves, which stops your body from functioning normally!

Boys tend to have more of an issue than girls because they require more oil. The body functions much like a car, you need quality oil in your vehicle so the engine runs flawlessly. However, consumption of trans fat or partially hydrogenated oils sabotage the body’s ability to create the healthy fat needed by the body.

I encourage consuming at least one tablespoon of flax oil per one hundred pounds of body weight. We use Omega Nutrition’s omega-3 high lignan flax oil.

We now have the ability to test you or your child’s oil quality and levels. We can then forecast potential long-term health challenges by assessing your EFA levels.

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