How Are Your Hormones?

I hope to believe you know your hormones affect your ability to participate in sexual intimacy with your mate. After spending time on my website, I also hope you have correlated what you eat, and stress, deplete your sexual desire.

In my book, “Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones”, I go into great detail about the impact estrogen saturation or dominance impacts women’s reproductive tissue. Excessive estrogen is one of the leading factors for tender breasts and a heavy menses. I cannot image you will have an abundance of intimacy if your mate is on a constant menstrual flow and has PMS and tender breasts. I do not recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy-you literally inject horse estrogen into your body.

I recently had a consultation with a new patient recently about her menses, fibroid, and tender breasts. The individuals was overweight by thirty pounds; had two children, fair diet, and did not exercise. Her physician wanted to remove her uterus because it appeared congested and since he was in there, he was going to take her ovaries out. He told her they were not doing. She was concerned when he wanted to take out “normal” ovaries. I discussed a plan with her, we reviewed her blood test; TSH, T3, and T4. The T3 test was low; her vitamin D was really low. I recommended a product called Meda-Stim from Biotics Research, which is great for those who are stressed and just do not seem to handle it. I also suggested she have a colonic. All this being said, our goal is to improve her liver function, get her thyroid going, and clean up her colon. When we clear up the toxins, she will feel great and her fibroid will diminish.

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