How Do You Prevent A Cold Sore?

Lack of calcium is a common reason someone may have a cold sore. I generally observe cold sores in patients who are under stress. Stress creates an acid environment. When your pH drops, you body will use up minerals. Your saliva pH is most accurate first thing in the morning, right before you even sit up.

A saliva pH of 6.5 or higher, keeps calcium at a normal level. When your calcium is low, your cell membranes have cracks between themselves and viruses are able to create those tiny, cold sore vesicles-which can be very painful.

How to prevent cold sores?
I would suggest you take calcium on a regular basis, which would include everyday during the wintertime. How much calcium? We use Ca/Mg Zyme in our office, and low dosage appears to work for our patients. If you have leg cramps at night, you might need more calcium, especially during the winter.

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