How Do You Prevent Heart Disease?

Do you want to prevent heart disease? Did you know eating the right food could eliminate most heart disease challenges? Stop eating trans fat or partially hydrogenated fats. Trans fats are found in nearly every package of processed food in your pantry (almost six billion pounds per year!). Do me a favor, check your pantry’s labels and send me a comment about the ingredients. Heart disease accelerates when there is inflammation (which trans fats create).

Have you ever thought about what the oil your food is fried in when you’re out to eat? There’s a good chance that it may be trans fat. Olive, flax, and other God-made oils have C-shaped molecules; trans fat molecules are T-shaped. C’s and T’s do not interface. When you continue to eat T-shaped fat molecules in the processed food that you grab here and there, they will create inflammation over time.

Trans fat was originally designed to replace butter. Butter is not good or bad, it is neutral-when you eat too much, you will add too much fat in your body. Be logical, do not avoid butter, use it-avoid all the trans fat you can. Lastly, there are many reasons people have heart attacks, one leading cause, besides trans fat, is being overweight. When you have extra pounds, your blood vessels get squeezed, the extra pressure on your blood vessels creates a burden and your blood pressure will elevate. High blood pressure burdens heart muscle and causes muscle weakness and potential for heart compromise.

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