How Does Iodine Relate To Ice Cream?

I know people love ice cream. Do you know the most common food I notice with people who have pancreas issues is; yep, you guessed it-ice cream! Today it is common to find a lot of chemicals in commercial grade ice cream-I sense the “stuff” coming out of the “soft serve” nozzle is even worse. The chemicals in the strawberry ice cream are quite alarming.

“What does this mean to me, Dr. Bob?”

The real issue for both moms and dads is the fact that what you eat, drink, and apply to your body can either help or hurt you.

Iodine and vitamin D are two important nutrients that help genes limit cell life. The term or process is commonly called apoptosis.

“Why should I care, Dr. Bob?”

I would care if I had a family history and recipe box that includes food and chemicals that keep the apoptosis switch off, so your cells can live with reckless abandon. Unfortunately, cancer is the “unchecked” growth of cells in the body. Like I mentioned above, iodine and vitamin D are needed for optimal breast tissue apoptosis. Do you know your vitamin D level? Do you know your urine iodine levels? You should.

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